About King Hong


Located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, King Hong Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1976 to manufacture a broad range of office chair products. To achieve integrity of vertical production, we have invested a lot in facilities to cover every single process through the production line and manufacture all components by ourselves, including steel parts and plastic injection components.

With consistency in quality and diversified design, our products have been well accredited by markets and consumers around the world, and yet we have never stopped keeping up with this changing world trend.

Green Policy

As a membership of global citizen and our responsibility of sustainable management, we’re taking a serious attitude toward to all areas where our activities could minimize and negatively affect the environment.

In our framework for continual improvement of environmental performance, we’ve put our green strategies into our daily practices and focused on:



Reuse every single package material such as pallet and box in our internal transportation of materials in reducing manufacturing waste.


Firmly classify every recycable material during manufacturing process such as PP chip, nylon, corrugated box, PP band, and following up standard procedure for reuseing/recycling of materials.


Reallocating light facilities to save electrical energy



Check and maintain machines on regular basis, and update machinery system for saving energy and optimized efficiency.

Green design

Designing products of minimal raw materials and recyclable resources in an effort to make our chair more environmental friendly.


Changed diesel forklift to electrical powered lift to reduce air and noise pollution

Green jobs require everyone’s cooperation, so we invite and encourage our staff to be responsible, corporate green citizens as well.

We’ll try to enlarge the scope we could in achieving greener as our commitment of environment policy.


In the future, King Hong will always comply with the mission of our company: professional R&D, excellent production facilities, strict Q.C. procedure and products exceeding international safety standard.

Our goal is to produce comfortable, high-quality and ergonomic products, including seating, home furniture, school desk & chair, medical and healthcare equipment that exceeding safety standard for complying with the requests of our customers around the world.